The rising price of crude oil and an increasing environmental awareness render alternatives to fossil fuels ever more interesting.

Oil seeds store solar energy in the form of oil which can be split up into glycerine and biodiesel in a conversion process.

In 2002 the production site of the NEW company (Natural Energy West) star-ted production in Marl. We have thereby set an example in Northrhine- Westfalia in the middle of the Ruhr valley area, the most important mar-ket for the sale of fuels, by building a large industrial site. In the middle of 2005 we have concluded the second enlargement step, thereby doubling our production capacity. Together with Diester Industrie (Paris) and Agravis Raiffeisen AG (Münster), C. Thywissen is partner in this company.

The location in the industrial park of Marl and the unique mix of partners guarantee our customers a competent, reliable and long-term business relationship. During the last few years, biodiesel has spread considerably and is inter-nationally considered to be one of the most environmentally-friendly sources of energy. All over Europe, biodiesel is used in a blend with regular diesel. In Germany, biodiesel is also used as fuel in pure form.

European and national laws allow industry and consumers to engage in long-term planning with the biodiesel product.

Biodiesel is real "flower power" be-cause it is a biogenous fuel made of high-quality vegetable oils, of renew-able raw materials. Through a simple "conversion" of its molecular chains, the oil becomes a modern diesel fuel, which closely resembles conventional mineral diesel in terms of its flow and combustion properties.

It even improves the lubricity of the engine. But above all, biodiesel burns nearly sulphurfree and without soot particles.