Animal Feed
Milk, eggs and meat contain highly nutritious proteins as well as trace elements and vitamins vital for human consumption.

Due to their valuable plant proteins, oil meals constitute - next to cereals - an indispensable component of feed for the appropriate keeping of animals. Vegetable oil and meal are coupled products. We extract toasted rapeseed, linseed and sunflower meal out of oil seeds and lincake out of cold-pressed linseed. As a result of progress made in crop cultivation nowadays only rapeseed meals with a low degree of glukosinolate are produced.

Consequently, the use of rapeseed meal is not only successful with ruminants but increasingly also in pig feed. Because of its high residual oil content with multiple unsaturated fatty acids, linseed meal is a popular component of calf and pig feed. For special dietary purposes, e.g. for horses and the rearing of animals, cold-pressed linseed cakes are being used.

C. Thywissen works according to the principle of "Feed for Food" which leads to an ambitious quality standard. This starts with the targeted purchase of the best raw material and continues with the adherence to strict rules in the processing of the natural products.