Welcome to C. Thywissen GmbH
The family-owned business has its roots in food production.

We master industrial production in different industries and avail ourselves of our experience in order to engage in additional activities on a solid basis. The interconnection between production and logistics which is a pre-requisite for fulfilling the customers' demands in a highly developed and organized economy necessitated the set-up of an internationally oriented trade.

By harmonizing the different business fields with the demands of the market we are devising new concepts offering services which are a bit different. Trustworthiness, compe-tence and reliability form the basis of our long-term relationships with business partners from the areas of trade and processing in Europe and overseas.

Our employees are dedicated to these principles. We train the young people ourselves, thereby preserving an important pillar of our corporate competence. Entrepreneurial respon-sibility is something which our company has steadily developed for more than 165 years. We formulate our ambitious objectives by striking a balance between necessary adapt-ability and solid expansion.

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