C. Thywissen produces a large variety of malt products in ultra-modern plants.

Our focus lies on the supply of malt for German and international breweries within the GlobalMalt-Group: Light brewmalt from spring and winter barley as well as Munich and wheat malt.

But we also deliver malt grist in 25 kg bags ready for mashing to microbreweries. And we supply other areas of the food industry with malt specialties such as aromatic malt and diastatic malt. They will be further processed into grist and flours in our malt mill.

The geographical location of our plants allows us to not only be supplied with raw materials from Germany but also - by water - from grain-growing areas all over Europe, something which makes for flexibility in terms of sorts and quality.

It is our aim to fulfill each of our customers' individual wishes as to quality and quantity - precisely and on time.

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