Vegetable Oils
We are the experts for food and non-food applications.

Every day they come into contact with our products, be it in the form of edible oil, margarine, cooking or deep-frying fat, mayonnaise or ketchup, bakery or confectionery ingredients. Whether in medicine, cosmetics, dishwashing liquids, washing powder, linoleum and transparent film, lubricants or biodiesel: Vegetable oils are real "allrounders" and a basic ingredient of soft chemistry. But it is only the careful extraction and systematic refinement that permit the further development into different high-quality products. This requires sophisticated techniques, which are being perfectly applied and continuously developed with C. Thywissen.

We produce the following vegetable oils: Rapeseed oils with or without a high content of erucic acid or sunflower oils with a normal or a high degree of oleic acid of more than 80%. Linseed oil with a constant degree of iodine. We offer our customers all our oils in all refinement stages, from the filtered and water degummed to fully refined oil. We also provide all interim stages of refinement. As a result, our customers are always provided with the perfect feedstock for further processing.

Your make the demands, we guarantee the customized solution!