We comply with our customers' wishes!

Special qualities? - Periods of delivery? - Quantities?
Our team will find the customized solution for every wish.
Our purchasing department will buy the right raw materials for special product qualities, our materials mana-gement department will deliver them to the plants at the right point in time so as to ensure made-to-order pro-duction and on-time delivery. Together with our customers we can develop customized logistic solutions.

The flexibility of our plants allows us to react any time to changed demands.

We offer a broad range of products: From the 10 liter can of vegetable oil to an entire ocean vessel of malt! Depending on what you need for your cost estimating we can secure prices for you in the long run or commit certain amounts at flexible prices at an early stage.

We attach great importance to intensive contacts with our customers in order to exactly get to know and comply with their demands and wishes.

We not only focus on the "know how" but also on the "know why"!